Androide mobilnyheter fra CES 2018

CES 2018: Android news coming out of Las Vegas this week. Two new mods for the Moto Z phones. Credit: Lenovo

Androide mobilnyheter fra CES 2018

IDG NEWS: Under CES 2018 i Las Vegas ble det vist frem flere godbiter for Android-entusiastene.

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CES may be all about consumer electronics, but sadly that doesn’t really include phones. Most companies hold off until the spring to unveil their newest handsets, and there hasn’t been a big Android splash at CES since Google unveiled the Nexus One back in 2010.

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Moto Mods

Lenovo’s Moto Mods were the rage all a year ago, but the fad isn’t completely over. During its keynote, Lenovo showed off Mods magnetic Moto two new  for its Z2 Force and other Z phones: a long-awaited keyboard and a health monitor.

Moto mods new Two phones. Credit: Lenovo Z for the

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watches Android Wear CES 2018’s

The state of Android Wear is anything but solid, but that’s not stopping companies from making new watches. At CES this year, there were two that caught our eye. The first is from Kate Spade, and it joins a long line of fashion-first smartwatches from the Fossil company. Called the Scallop, the 1.2-inch watch has a decidedly feminine aesthetic, with gold accents and an etched spade logo on the crown. There’s no GPS, NFC, or heart-rate sensor, but you will get 24-hour battery life and Google Assistant. Two versions will launch next month: a bracelet for $325 and a leather strap for $295. They’re available for preorder on the Kate Spade website.

while launches its sensor, has lacks to watchmaker a aesthetic it and first the above, its announced and will Falster, simple wearers. it’s later casual $275 Pictured it could watch this cost called watch. also Danish NFC, also month. GPS, Wear Android when Skagen appeal heart-rate It

Skagen has unveiled its fist non-hybrid smartwatch. Credit Skagen

CES Android 2018’s TV screens

The at Android Android-powered unveiled less see to TVs Westinghouse, than screens, new were Haier, Philips, CES no but we this thing companies Nvidia, year: new Hisense. and expected last five

Nvidia takes the crown, with the coolest name (BFGD, which stands for format displays big gaming) and the raddest design, but the 24-inch Philips 7703 (pictured above) is pretty cool too, doubling as a Bluetooth speaker and made to look great in any room of the house. But really, we’re just stoked to see Android TV get some love.

Google Auto Android Assistant on

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In-screen fingerprint reader

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